10 lines on how i spent my holidays


You can write ten sentences about your summer holiday in English for many reasons. My Summer holiday was fantastic. I went to Istanbul, Turkey. I saw the blue mosque and many historical places. The weather was very nice. I enjoyed the Turkish food it was delicious specially the kebabs and shawirma.

I visited many museums. The people were fantastic and friendly. I took the ferry to cross from one side of the city to the other side.

I took many pictures with my camera. Trains and buses were really good. My trip was not very cheap as the city was a bit expensive but it was worth it. People did not speak English a lot in Turkey but I managed to get to where I am going.

I went to the Turkish tradional public baths. They were very cheap and very relaxing. Also your summer holiday essay or the sentences in the paragraph should have some of the following:. To write Ten sentences about your summer holiday or a short essay, keep in mind that it needs to be in the past tense, use the past simple verbs and terms like last week, last year, etc.

You can write ten sentences about your summer holiday in a similar way. You can choose what suits you best and try to be creative. Another way to improve your writing is doing crossword puzzles, word puzzles and word search:.

Free crosswords puzzles to increase your vocabulary. Free word search puzzles to improve your spelling. Purpose: Writing a homework.

Writing about your trip. Writing a letter to a friend. Writing to your family. Describing your summer holiday.

Write Ten Sentences about your Summer Holiday in English

Studying or teaching abroad. Describing a place. Telling a story about summer. Short presentation about your summer holiday. My summer holiday My Summer holiday was fantastic. Also your summer holiday essay or the sentences in the paragraph should have some of the following: Some examples Where did you go? The place or places What Food did you eat? How was the weatehr like? Did you enjoy it? Was it a good holiday?When I go to pick up Tamms from the salon I see him still seated there waiting for his woman.

His feet are noticeably large, the size of a preterm baby. He has sandals on — the areas between his toes are flour white. He sips from a porcelain cup balanced on the arm of his chair. I sat there and wondered why a grown man would sit in a salon and wait for his woman when he could do a million things to fill that time. What exactly would a woman have to give you to make you wait for her inside a goddamn salon for hours on end as she touches up her bob haircut? You just sitting there in the stewing broth of oestrogen and progesterone, reading those dated and dog-eared girlie magazines, taking up all the room with your long legs?

I sat upstairs at Java Kileleshwa on Christmas morning. I had a bitch of a flu; my head weighed like a brick, my mouth tasted like wet ballast. Christmas jingles spilled softly from the speakers overhead.

The 8 a. We were a total of three patrons, all men. The other two chaps were engrossed on their iPhones. They never looked up. I sat at the window, fired up my laptop and read an article on Tatler by Jilly Cooper who I had just discovered. Her mind is like an overripe avocado.

Later I ordered eggs and toast with a side order of guacamole, then I started pecking away on the laptop. I swear. Might go something like this:.

10 lines on how i spent my holidays

Is there an end to their bottomless generosity? I then slowly drove down a deserted James Gichuru, past Lavington Green and right after Isaac Gathanju Road I passed a muslim guy in a long flowing kanzu, a crate of soda hoisted up on his right shoulder, walking right in the middle of the road, on the broken yellow line.Summer vacation is the holidays of summer season given to the students by the schools when temperature rises to highest level.

All the educational activities and studies are stopped in the school and children become delighted when it gets started. They eagerly wait for the summer vacation as they will fulfill their dreams and desires of playing, enjoying and relishing with their friends, neighbours and relatives. Children either visit their native places or they travel to other cities, hill stations, hotels, resorts etc for fun and recreation with their families. We have provided ten lines on summer vacation in English.

After reading these lines you will know that what is summer vacation, where it is announced, what is the time period of summer vacation, how children spend summer vacation, what plans do children make, which place children love to go, what things children eat etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. You can also use these while writing summer vacation essay, speech on summer vacation, writing on summer vacation, few sentences on summer vacation, few lines on summer vacation for class 1, class 2, class 3 and class 4.

We have provided another set of ten lines on summer vacation. After going through these lines, you will know that what summer vacation means, when summer vacation starts, where summer vacation is announced, what children do in summer vacation, where children love to go, what students of senior classes do, where senior class students take admission etc.

The 3 rd set of 10 points on Summer Vacation will help you to elaborate the topic and make you aware about the activities which are mostly enjoyed by the children during summer vacation and how they spent their summer vacation. We have also provided the 4 th set of 10 lines on Summer Vacation which will mainly focus on how I spent my summer vacation. These points will help you while writing essay or few special lines on how I spent my summer vacation, how I spent my holidays or my summer vacation paragraph etc.

Summer vacation is just like blessings in disguise for the children as it becomes difficult coming to school in hot weather when the temperature becomes very high. Schools announce a long holiday of two months where children love to play and enjoy every moment of it. Summer vacation not only provides a relaxation to the students but it also gives them an opportunity to learn new things by joining various vocational courses and training.

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Login in to your account. Lost your password? Lost Password. Back to login. Previous Story 10 Lines on Spring Season. Next Story 10 Lines on Seasons in India. Shirshendra Sinha Being a graduate in Conflict Management and Development, he is a creative writer, writing blogs and articles for 5 years for online web portals. Also Read it Paragraph on Carrot Paragraph. All rights reserved.Holiday Memories Approaching Grandma's, our family anticipates the grand holiday about to be rekindled once again.

I hated to go to my Grandma's house because of the constant fights our family would get into over the littlest things. I remembered it all starts over a glass of eggnog mixed with cognac of their choice. With our family and friends about to be reunited with each other, each family member is trying not to notice. The Truth about Holidays As December approaches the air all around becomes filled with the smell of Christmas.

Without thinking, people get out their trees, put up their decorations, and start buying their gifts. To do all these things is normal; almost a force of habit.

These habits are customs that people look forward to and treasure. For some, though, holidays have deeper meanings. They hold a deeper meaning, and are sacred and pure, in. Around the world holidays are celebrated many different ways by many different cultures. Each with ethnical ties to the culture from which it originated. Two cultures in paricular are holdays in the U.

A and holdays in Viet Nam. I interveiwed Thang Nyons about Viet Nam.

10 lines on how i spent my holidays

Thang was born in Viet Nam and lived there for eighteen years, before comng to the U. Many of the holdiays in Viet Nam are much different. The first thing that struck me about the Bahamas was the transparency of the water.

Summer Vacation Essay

Despite being in depths of thirty feet, I was still able to see the seabed from the boat. Occasionally I saw tropical fish swimming alongside the boat. In the Atlantic on the way to Bimini the waves were ten feet high. My shift happened to be duringthe Gulf Stream when the waves are at the highest.

After reaching the calm. Description of an ideal place for winter holidays. Have you ever thought that there will be no snow in January? Are you looking forward to putting on your skis and schuss the smooth slope, covered with plenty of snow? I am sure that every ardent skier dreams about it.

It was a hot Friday mornin' an' I was standin' in the doorway, my crushed Stetson hat under my arm. I'd been out leadin' eight, maybe ten goddam mules an' a hard days work it had been too. I looked in an' I saw a coupla new fella's setting on the burlap ticking.

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After bein' introduced, I noticed the big guy, Lennie, weren't all there. Seemed like a nice enough fella, jus' not all there. The beginning of this holiday marks a 10 day period of prayer, self examination and repentance, which culminate of the fast days of Yom Kippur.

The ten days are actually referred to as Yamin Noraim which means the days of awe or. It will also try to clarify how the tourism industry became in only 4 decades one of the fastest growing industries and why it can be considered a never ending branch.

Jingle Bell Rock is a song about Christmas. This song relates to my theme by being about Christmas. It relates to the theme because Christmas is a holiday. The song is all about making rhymes.How I spent My Summer Vacation. Our summer vacation commenced on the 15 th of May. Our teachers had given us home work for the vacation.

I was very much anxious to finish it soon. So, I sat up day and night and at last got to the end of it. Last year my uncle had promised to call me to Srinagar in the summer vacation.

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So I was eagerly waiting for a letter from my uncle. On 26 th May, I received a letter from him. I took no time to get ready and before the night fell I was in the train bound for Pathankot.

How I Spent My Holiday Break

From Pathankot, I got into a bus and the next morning I was in Srinagar. He took me to his house where my uncle and aunt received me warmly. I was pleased in their company but I enjoyed myself more in the company of my cousin, for the very next day we went out for a walk.

We saw beautiful natural scenery. She would not like to feast his eyes on these beauties of Nature? I feel that science has done wonders in modern times, but with all the progress of science no man has been able to produce any master piece that can be a rival to the beauties of Nature.

Kashmir is situated in the north of India. It is surrounded by highly walls of mountains. The climate is naturally colder than that of Delhi. Many people had flocked there during the summer to seek shelter from the burning rays of the sun in the plains. Some had come to Sulphur lake at their health. The water for the lake is the best remedy for all kinds of skin diseases. The Shalimar and the Nishat Bagh with wonderful chenar trees, the Dal lake with pink lilies are truly the masterpieces of creation.

We often hired pink a shikara and enjoyed boating for a long time ion the Dal Lake Many rich people hire house boats and pass their summer in them. We saw their floating gardens.

Some planks were joined together and were set afloat on water. They were covered with earth, enough for vegetables to grow. That was an interesting sight. Fruits were very cheap there. We daily took pears and apples to our fill. They were very congenial to our health as well as delicious to taste. I had gone to Srinager for the first time. Therefore, most of my time I passed in seeing different scenes and sights of Nature.

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It was with a heavy heart that I left Srinagar and came back to Delhi. A week was left to the reopening of the school. Since a few sums were still left to be done, I set to work immediately. I took help from my friend and finished the home task within four days.

It appeared as if the vacation had passed to soon. Essay No. Long vacation are necessary for students because after hard work and mental strain they need rest.We look forward to our holiday breaks as a way to refresh ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. We look forward to spending time with our families and staying at home adjusting to a new routine of no alarm clocks, no papers to grade, no lessons to plan. Why then did students seem so tense, so anxious before their most recent holiday break?

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But this particular morning I noticed the hallway language. Sure, every once in a while one might hear a curse word said by a negligent student. I found myself encouraging students to be aware of their language, be courteous to their peers, and be on their way to their next class. However, as the days wore on, it became evident there was more to this than just a full moon.

While I was looking forward to all the wonderful things that come with time off, what could some of my students be looking forward to? I began to wonder. We provide directions, both written and verbal, on what to do. We provide socialization, the opportunity to see friends and catch up on the latest news. We give students a reason to get up in the morning. Therefore, the holiday break could be a stinging slap of change from the warm embrace of their reality.

Their routine has now changed.

10 Lines on How I Spent My Lockdown

A routine created by a bell system now allows students to do whatever they want; they are making decisions and perhaps allowing temptations too challenging to overcome. Now the student becomes the adult taking care of siblings and in charge of household chores. Finally, socialization is cut off. Being at home may be a stressful—it may be a violent place where basic social skills are nonexistent.

As we move into second semester and into third quarter, I know another break is looming in the not too distant future. How can one offer a sense of calm before what could be considered a storm of change?

But we do have power over our words and actions.These essays are only words long. I am sure that you will love them. If you are looking for a short essay on summer vacation, then these are really perfect for you. My summer vacation was really awesome.

I spend my time with my family. We went into a summer vacation in Bihar. There is my grandfather home. We spend around 15 days there.

I met with my grandpa after a long time, I love him very much. We had a great time in the nearest jungle.

10 lines on how i spent my holidays

We went there a few times to do camping and picnic. There is a small hilly river near the jungle. I love that scene a lot. I love to spend my next summer there, again. In my last summer vacation, we spend the whole time is a village near Sylhet, Bangladesh, Sylhet is the most beautiful place in the country. I loved spending time there. My father has a good friend here and he was inviting us to visit his place a long time ago.

He and his family have visited us a few times. And finally, my father decided to visit his place in the summer vacation. We went there on a journey by train. I love the train journey. The cutest and amazing thing was the tea gardens there. I loved the place so much. I spend my summer vacation in a bungalow in the middle of a tea garden.

I went there with my parents. One of my uncles was working a tea estate manager in Darjeeling. We went there to visit his place. I was really amazed and thrilled to see the natural beauty of Darjeeling. I and my few cousins have enjoyed it a lot. We got a car to see the whole estate.

There are so many monkeys in the jungle.

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